Providing extensive OEM/ODM headphones services to premium brands.

After designing headphones and earphones for clients for over 17 years,Honsenn has the know-how needed to process sophisticated orders.Leading brands come to Honsenn because:

Honsenn's R&D:30 mechanical and acoustic engineers,promptly delivering customers' ID into 3D,and developing new products with ultimate in comfort,offering superior sound effect.Monthly Min 5 new stylish,practical and innovative headphone come to the market.

Honsenn's advantage:with our endless concentrating on electro-acoustic developing,all our in- earphones,wired headphones,Bluetooth headphones,cordless headphones,Bluetooth speakers,ANC headphones are using drivers with following advantages:

1) 3 Dimentional Stage Sound.

2) Clarity:can hear the detail of detail.

3) Psychological Stress Reduction.

Still deliver deep bass,clear mids and crisp highs straight to your ears.

Honsenn's capacity:Ove200 employees,12 assembly lines capable of outputting.

2 million /year in over 15000 square meters workshop enough to facilitate large orders.

Honsenn's quality:To ensure quality.we source all raw materials from reliable suppliers and inspect goods strictly according to AQL standard.according to quality control system ISO9001:2008 standard and ISO14001.Focus on every small point to ensure stable quality.Honsenn's service:A supplier faith to customer,learning with them,bending with them,working with them.We are more than happy to listen to our customers,we always say we are together.

Honsenn Technology Co.ltd.,a company with limitless potential,will make you feel that we are the one you are looking for,the one you would like to work for long-term partnership.Looking forward to your business!


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