2019 China Exhibition Highlights

Speaking of headphones, two keywords destined to be inseparable from the mainstream: TWS and Bluetooth 5.0. From a technical point of view, Bluetooth 5.0 has brought many disruptive upgrades to wireless transmission technology. The transmission speed is 4 times that of the existing standard and the coverage area is 2 times that of the existing technology. Bluetooth 5.0 also supports TWS true wireless bilateral calling, both sides of the headset can perform voice answering and calling

The concept of TWS true wireless earphones has begun to germinate as early as 2005. From the earliest products that only support call ears, after so many years of development, wireless headsets have derived a lot of categories, such as sports Bluetooth headsets, call headsets Hanging wireless headphones and more. Although the category is already sufficient, the development of wireless headsets has not stopped there. Since the release of Apple AirPods in 2017, a wave of TWS headsets has suddenly started in the circle. TWS is a brand-new technology, and its birth origin is also closely related to the chip technology currently being told. Through methods such as 2.4G radio frequency, a true wireless connection between the left and right of the two stereo headsets is realized, and the solid wire is no longer connected in the middle. Therefore, the TWS solution requires very high radio frequency signal technology.


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