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Make Headphones for Children, We are Professional.

It's Always Essential Aim to Protect Kids' Hearing Ability When Design Headphones. 

Children's Hearing Abiliy Is Not Fully Grown But Many of Them Often Suffer From Noise-induced Hearing Loss(NIHL), A Chronic Physical Condition. According to WHO And The Journal of Pediatric, Here It Comes About 1.1 Billion Youth in the World Are at Risk of Hearing Loss, Because of Unsafe Listening Habits. There're Further Bad Effects for Children Who Often Suffer From Loud Noise, They Might Have Delayed Speech, Learning Problems, Communication Struggles, Even Social Isolation. Hearing Loss Will Not Recover But It Can be Prevented.

We Can Not Only Keep the Headphones' Sound Pressure Level Under 94dB, But Also to Separate into 3 Levels, 75dB, 85dB, 94dB. Parents Can Pre-set Headphones at Certain SPL for Kids  Before Letting Them Use.

ANC(Active Noise Cancelling)Functions Also Can be Implied to Kids' Headphones to Protect Kids' Hearing Ability. It Can Eliminate Most of the Low Frequency Noises, And Plus Good Earmuffs, It Can Prevent Mid-high Frequency Noises.

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