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  • Active Noise Cancelling Call Center Headphones with ENC Beam Microphone cVc8.0 Model HS-BN930
    Active Noise Cancelling Call Center Headphones with ENC Beam Microphone cVc8.0 Model HS-BN930
    Honsenn Professional Wireless Bluetooth Call Center Headset manufacturers,With our endless concentrating on electro-acoustic developing, all our in- earphones, wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones, cordless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, ANC headphones are using drivers with following advantages:1)  3 Dimentional Stage Sound.2)  Clarity:can hear the detail of detail.3)  Psychological Stress Reduction.Honsenn High Quality Professional Wireless Bluetooth Call Center Headset manufacturers Wholesale - Honsenn Technology Co., Ltd.,After designing headphones and earphones for clients for over 9 years, Honsenn has the know-how needed to process sophisticated orders.1) Enhanced Calling Experience. Beam microphone work with cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology to ensure superior ambient noise suppression and crystal clear calls.2) Mute function and heads-free calling designed for business, suitable for work from home, SOHO, call center operators.3) Active Noise Cancellation for providing you a quiet working environment, ease the tension, and feel less stressful.4) Comfortable mechanical design & soft cushion earmuffs for all day use.5) Full compatibility work with all devices, desktop, laptop, mobile phones, etc.6) Ultra long playtime battery life upto 20hrs.
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